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Anthony is a registered member of the Muskogee (Creek) Nation.. He has been painting since he was young. 

Anthony spent a lot of time as a child with his Grandparents and Great Grandmother living in Muskogee Oklahoma. Anthony only spoke Creek up until the age of 8.  

Anthony’s Elders were very traditional, they taught him about his people, their traditions, and ways. He carries these lessons and love of his Elders into his paintings. 

I have photographed his paintings and tried to capture the true color and depth of the paintings. If you are interested in a painting, I can email a video of the painting to show you colors.

I am currently building this page and all paintings are available for purchase.

Once we are set up, we will be able to ship both throughout the US and also Internationally.

If you are interested in purchasing a painting, pls email




A Mother's Prayer

20" x 16" - 2018


A New Day for Love

24" x 12" - 2019


A New Life

14" x 11" - 2019


A Remembered Brother

 20" x 16" - 2013 


Advanced Scout

 20" x 10" - 2016