Frequently Asked Questions


Here are a few frequently asked questions and very simplified answers that may be helpful.

Question: What does PRELIM or PRELIMINARY Call Time mean?

Answer:PRELIM or PRELIMINARY Call Time is a time we are given to indicate the approx. time your Final Call Time will be. We cannot give you a Final Call Time until they are close to finishing for the day. Please Note: Final Call Time can end up being earlier than the Preliminary Call Time. If they finish filming ahead of scheduled time, they can start working earlier the next day.

Question: If it says my FINAL CALL TIME is, for example, 6.00am. What does this mean?

Answer:FINAL CALL TIME is the absolute latest we need you at the check in. We request that you be there at least 10 minutes. The reason we request this is so that you can get there to get your voucher fill out completely and correctly. If you are the first call at the same time as Crew Call, it means you have time to get a great breakfast.

Question: Why do the Crew go through the lunch line before us?

Answer:The Crew go through the lunch line first so they can get back to set and be setting up the next shot while you are eating.

Question:When you called me to work, I thought I would be able to do it but now I can’t. Should I call you and who should I call?

Answer: YES!!! We need you to call us and let us know. When you are booked, we include you in the number of people the Director wants on set that day. If you do not call, we get a call from the Director letting us know you did a ‘NO SHOW’. We then have to rush call someone to set with the correct wardrobe and in some cases correct vehicle to set immediately. This is very difficult especially if the call time is 5.30am in the morning. We also shred your file so that you are not called again. There is always a telephone number on the website to call.

Question: Will I be paid for the day?

Answer: Yes. This is a paid job. The pay is different on each movie or TV Series.

Question: If you book me, I can’t make it, don’t call you to let you know, will you call me to work again for you?

Answer: NO!!!

Question: When I was checking out they gave me part of my voucher, what is this, is it important?

Answer: The copy of the voucher you were given is proof you worked. Please keep it in a safe place. If you have not received a check in the mail within approx. 10 working days, it means they may not have been able to read your address clearly, or something like that and it was sent to the wrong address. PLEASE PRINT ALL YOUR INFORMATION CLEARLY to avoid this happening.

Question: How long does it take to receive a check?

Answer: It takes approx. 10 working days to be paid. If you have not been paid by then, please contact the telephone number that is on your voucher you were given at check out.

Question: Why do you ask me to bring two forms of Identification?

Answer: This is a paid job. You will fill out a voucher with your information and the PA will put your in and out time and any ‘bumps’ (for example: for the use of your vehicle). You will also fill out an I9 Form which requires two forms of ID. There are three (3) Lists A, B & C you can supply ID for. You must provide ID for two of the lists. The most common is a valid driver’s license and a social security card. Your driver’s license is from List B and your SS Card is from List C.

Question: Can I bring friends and/or family to set?

Answer: NO!!! This is a paid job.

Question: I cannot find a sitter for my child and I am booked to work, can I bring my child to set with me?

Answer: NO!!!

Question: I am claiming unemployment. Who do I put down as my employer?

Answer: You will be given a copy of your voucher when you are checked out at the end of the day. The name on the Voucher is the Payroll Company who will be paying you and you will receive a W2 from them. The Payroll Company is employed by the Production Company you worked for. Therefore all unemployment claims should be the Payroll Company, listing the Production Company you worked for. The Casting Company is not your employer. They are also hired by the Production Company like you.